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how does it work?

Our Consign2Donate program allows us to help local charities and hospitals.

Your items are carefully checked, priced and then added to your account. Flow Lifestyle pays out 35% of the final selling price and it is a 90 day program, this helps us maintain new fresh items in the store. On the 90th day unsold inventory will automatically transfer into the hospital of your choice and discounted to create funding for them. Money in your account is then available for pick up. Consignors will be paid once consignment period has ended. If you use your consignment money in the shop you will receive an additional 5% off the lowest price of your purchase. Items will sell for anywhere between 10-50% off depending on how long it has been in the inventory. 

Note: Flow Lifestyle is not responsible for any lost or stolen goods. 


Gather up your best items from your closet, home, cupboards that are no longer useful to you, they just might be a treasure for someone else.

Please make sure your items are clean and in good repair, for example: no cracks, chips, missing parts, no missing buttons, holes, stains or unpleasant odors.

(Brand name clothing/items sell the fastest, keep this in mind.)

A labelled box(small to medium boxes only)with your items is appreciated, if you are using a plastic tote and would like it returned please tape your name and phone number on it and we will call you as soon as it is emptied.


Please give the shop a ring before you come in to check on timing, if we can take your items the same day we will let you know, if not we can arrange a time for you.

When you bring your items in, we will ask for your details such as name, phone number and email to create an account for you.

With this account you will also receive a password so you may login at any time and check your personal inventory and any sales that may have occurred. 

The items you bring in will transfer automatically after 30/60/90 days from the date of insertion to the account associated with the Hospital you have chosen. All sales produced within the month from your inventory will generate a 20/30/40% payout to you. 


You may come in at the end of your consignment term to pick up any money that is in your account, other items will be automatically donated to the account of the Hospital of your choice so we may be able to create funding for them. If you require a money e-transfer there is a $1.50 charge, but we will gladly do this for you.

​Here is a list of items we are always looking for:
Please be sure that they are in 
clean and near new condition, thank you.
Preferably Name Branded 
*Women's Clothing
*Accessories, jewelry, scarfs, hats, sunglasses, Handbags/Wallets
*Unused Gift Items 
*Home Decor, Lamps, NicNacs, Pottery, Dishes, Platters, etc.
*Framed art, Picture Frames
*Candles and Candle Accessories
*Vintage Items and Lace table cloth, runners.
*Accent furniture
If you are an artist or furniture painter and are looking for a spot in our shop to sell your hand crafted items please send us an email at info@flowlifestyle.ca, thank you.

Please note items that are received in clean and good repair will only be considered. 


Please note:

This account and all your information is kept private.

This account is reusable and you may add to it at any time depending on our inventory levels and items that are in demand. 

Program can be changed without notice.